miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013

The comeback of Gaga / El regreso de Gaga


On last Monday Katy Perry officialy released "Roar" and the song has achieved massive success so far in the different music markets, moreover the critics have been good for the song, praising the empowering of the lyrics.....
But yesterday the other "big monster" of pop released her new single...previously announced for 19th August, but due to the unnofficial leaked of the single, her company decide to launch it earlier.
Who is that girl? ( wink to Madonna´s hit song heheh :P)
Her name is Lady Gaga and has been an icon since 2008 (interestingly the same year as Katy Perry appeared in the music scene)
With the unexpected release of the song "Applause", she has pushed away Perry for the top position in the major of the itunes charts. However in the biggest world market (USA) the difference between Katy´s song and "Applause" is still high.
But the fight has already started!!! who will win?? We´ll see....

And here is "Applause" , the number 1 selling song nowadays in more than 50 countries.....enjoy!!!

Y aquí os dejo con el otro gran single de la temporada...."Applause" de Lady Gaga, curiosamente lanzado un día después del single de Perry y "quitándola" del número 1 de itunes de la gran mayoría de países....Estrategía de marketing??....Quién sabe, pero yo daría la vida por acabar en una empresa así jajaj
Espero que os guste!